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D'Addario J68 Hawaiian Baritone Ukulele Strings

D'Addario Hawaiian J68 baritone ukulele strings, DGBE tuning, precision rectified clear nylon trebles, silverplated copper wound basses
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D'Addario Hawaiian J68 baritone ukulele strings
D'Addario Hawaiian J68 baritone ukulele strings

The D'Addario Hawaiian J68 sets are designed for baritone ukuleles and optimized for DGBE tuning. The silverplated copper wound on nylon 3rd and 4th strings are complemented by the 1st and 2nd strings made from precision rectified clear nylon, utilizing D'Addario's proprietary centerless grinding technique which ensures that the roundness and dimension control of each string are unsurpassed. The result is an ukulele set with a warm and long lasting tone guaranteed to have absolutely perfect intonation.

  • Optimized for baritone ukuleles with standard DGBE tuning
  • Precision rectified clear nylon trebles for unsurpassed roundness and dimension control
  • Silverplated copper wound basses
  • Preferred for their warm and long lasting tone
  • Environmentally friendly, corrosion resistant packaging for strings that are always fresh
  • Made in the U.S.A. for the highest quality and performance

D'Addario J68 Gauges and Tensions

  • E: 0.0280" / 0.7100 mm, 9.000 lbs / 4.080 kg
  • B: 0.0340" / 0.8600 mm, 7.400 lbs / 3.360 kg
  • G: 0.0300" / 0.7600 mm (wound), 17.800 lbs / 8.070 kg
  • D: 0.0350" / 0.8900 mm (wound), 16.600 lbs / 7.530 kg
More Information
Series D’Addario Hawaiian Ukulele
Model J68, baritone
Set Full ukulele/cuatro set (4 strings)
Tuning DGBE (bass to treble) high D
Scale Length 510mm (20.1")
Trebles Material/Technology Rectified nylon, Clear nylon
Basses Material/Technology Silverplated, Copper wound
Pre-Order No
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