A$N Buck$ is a rewards program from All Strings Nylon. It gives you as our Customer multiple ways to earn and use your rewards! And the best part is…it’s EASY! Everything happens automatically — you don’t have to enter any codes or keep track of anything; just enjoy your rewards!

5 Ways to Earn Bucks

  • 1
    Create an All Strings Nylon account

    When you register an account with us, we will welcome you with 100 A$N Buck$ (equivalent to $1 USD) that you can easily apply to your very first order!

  • 2
    Shop on AllStringsNylon.com

    Do you play or build nylon string instruments? Buy your gear on AllStringsNylon.com! For every U.S. Dollar ($1.00) you spend on any item except an eGift Card, you earn 2 A$N Buck$. For example, if your item costs $53.95, you earn 108 A$N Buck$ (equivalent to $1.08 USD, or 2% of your order amount).
    Some of our special offers may increase the amount of A$N Buck$ you earn per dollar.

  • 3
    Invite your friends to register and shop on AllStringsNylon.com

    Do you have family or friends who play or build nylon string instruments? Invite them to shop on AllStringsNylon.com, they’ll thank you for it, and so will we! For every purchase made by our registered Customer referred by you, you earn 100 A$N Buck$ ($1 USD).

  • 4
    Sign up for ASN News

    We pay you to get discounts, imagine that! When you subscribe to ASN News, in addition to ongoing updates on new product arrivals, special offers, and exclusive discount coupons, you will receive a one time reward of 100 A$N Buck$ ($1 USD).

  • 5
    Review the products you buy on AllStringsNylon.com

    Bought something? Write a review! You will help other Customers make their decisions, and to thank you for that, we’ll give you 100 A$N Buck$ ($1 USD) for every approved product review you post on AllStringsNylon.com. We approve all reviews — favorable or not — that are NOT spam, so the more you buy, the more you can review, and the more you can earn.

Two Ways To Redeem The ASN Bucks You’ve Earned

  • 1

    Apply to your purchases on AllStringsNylon.com

    Each 100 A$N Buck$ in your account will automatically turn into 1 U.S. Dollar ($1) at checkout. With the easy-to-use A$N Buck$ slider, you can apply all of your available A$N Buck$, or you can save some for later.

  • 2

    Send to a friend

    Feeling generous? You can share your A$N Buck$ with other musicians. (And then earn some back! See #3 above…)

A$N Bucks Terms & Conditions

Here’s the “finest print” you’ll find anywhere about the A$N Buck$ Rewards Program:

  • The A$N Buck$ Rewards Program is in effect as of December 29, 2014, and replaces our previous rewards program. Our Customers who had an unused balance from the previous rewards program, had that balance converted to A$N Buck$.
  • To earn A$N Buck$, you must have an active All Strings Nylon account.
  • If you close your ASN account, you will lose all of your hard earned, unused A$N Buck$.
  • Otherwise, A$N Buck$ never expire!
  • Shipping fees, sales tax, and eGift Cards do NOT earn A$N Buck$. But all of our other products do!
  • If you cancel or return your order, any A$N Buck$ you were credited will be deducted from your available balance. If you already spent or transferred your A$N Buck$, your refund will be reduced accordingly at the rate of $1 per each 100 A$N Buck$ missing.
  • We may discontinue the A$N Buck$ program at any time, for any reason. If and when that happens, we’ll convert your unused A$N Buck$ to another form of store credit.