Cordoba Master Series Guitars

Owning a Cordoba Master Series guitar is your chance to own a little piece of classical guitar history. The Cordoba Master Series is a guitar inspired by five great luthiers: Antonio de Torres, Hermann Hauser I, Manuel Reyes Sr., Miguel Rodriguez Serrano, and Domingo Esteso. These unique instruments are hand-crafted by teams of master luthiers out of Cordoba’s facilities in Oxnard, California (Torres, Hauser, Rodriguez, and Reyes models) and Paracho, Mexico (Esteso models).

Cordoba Master Series Guitars at All Strings Nylon As the world’s largest Córdoba Master Series dealer, All Strings Nylon stocks and sells more Cordoba Master Series guitars than any dealer on the planet. We typically have several of each standard model in stock at any given time. We also acquire a number of limited edition and one-of-a-kind Cordoba Custom Shop guitars if you’re looking for something different. Our Limited and Custom instruments come and go quickly, often before they even get posted. Check our website often, but better yet, give us a call, as we almost always have more of these great guitars in stock than are listed on our site. We’ll work with you to find your ideal Master Series guitar. You’ll receive it after it’s been carefully inspected, optimized, and set up to meet your playing needs.

Your purchase of any Master Series guitar from ASN comes sweetened with the following perks:

  • FREE full setup
  • FREE domestic U.S. shipping

Chuck Marfione
Luthier Co-Owner Marfione Guitars / All Strings Nylon