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Savarez 500CR Cristal Corum, Normal Tension

Savarez 500cr normal tension classical guitar strings, Cristal trebles, Corum basses
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Savarez 500CR Cristal Corum
Savarez 500CR Cristal Corum

New Cristal treble strings are manufactured utilizing cutting edge technology. The precise physical and chemical treatments applied to each string ensure excellent sonority and intonation by controlling the lengthening process and optimizing crystallinity. Bright and transparent, they offer the player all the advantages of unrectified strings in terms of feel, playability, and sound quality.

New Cristal trebles are paired with HT Classic silverplated wound basses. HT basses are made according to a more traditional design and elaborated technology to offer a fast response, a brighter and more brilliant sound. They are rust protected. A fairly stiff string (giving the feeling of a stiff string without compromising elasticity) they allow for more powerful playing. In short, they offer the player more resistance under the right-hand fingers while facilitating left-hand velocity. These bass strings have a brilliant tone, are quick to respond, percussive in nature and have great projection.

  • New Cristal Trebles:
    1st E - .028
    2nd B - .032
    3rd G - .040
  • Corum Silver Plated Wound Basses:
    4th D - .029
    5th A - .035
    6th E - .042
More Information
Series Savarez 500 Corum
Model 500CR
Set Full guitar set (6 strings)
Scale Length 640-650 mm (25.2-25.6")
Trebles Tension Medium/Normal
Basses Tension Medium/Normal
Trebles Material/Technology Clear nylon
Basses Material/Technology Silverplated, Wound
Pre-Order No
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