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La Bella ERG#3 Early Romantic Guitar Strings, Nylon/Copper


La Bella ERG#3 early romantic guitar strings, 63 cm, medium tension, rectified nylon trebles, copper wound basses. These strings have been discontinued by the manufacturer. The recommended replacement is the La Bella ERG#1 set with nylon trebles and silverplated wound basses.

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La Bella ERG 3
La Bella ERG 3

Rectified Nylon Trebles

  • 1st E - 0.025"/0.635mm, 5.40 kg/11.88 lb
  • 2nd B - 0.032"/0.812mm, 4.80 kg/10.56 lb
  • 3rd G - 0.0365"/0.927mm, 4.75 kg/8.25 lb

Copper Wound Basses

  • 4th D - 0.029"/0.736mm, 5.50 kg/12.10 lb
  • 5th A - 0.032"/0.812mm, 3.40 kg/7.48 lb
  • 6th E - 0.040"/1.00mm, 3.60 kg/7.92 lb
More Information
Series La Bella Early Romantic Guitar
Model ERG#3
Set Full guitar set (6 strings)
Scale Length 620-630 mm (24.4-24.8")
Trebles Tension Medium/Normal
Basses Tension Medium/Normal
Trebles Material/Technology Rectified nylon
Basses Material/Technology Copper wound
Pre-Order No
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