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Fishman Matrix Infinity PRO-MAK-INF Pickup/Preamp For Ukulele


Fishman’s flagship undersaddle pickup solution, PRO-MAK-INF, complete with endpin preamp, soundhole mounted rotary volume and tone controls, and switchable voicing feature. For use on ukuleles with a 3/32" (2.4 mm) saddle slot width and maximum G to A string spacing of 1.85" (47 mm)

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Fishman Matrix Infinity Pickup/Preamp For Ukulele
Fishman Matrix Infinity Pickup/Preamp For Ukulele

Fishman’s flagship Matrix Infinity PRO-MAK-INF undersaddle pickup/preamp package for ukuleles offers the player clear, transparent tone and dynamic string response. The easiliy accessible soundhole mounted rotary volume and tone controls allow the player to make quick adjustments. And… Fishman takes tonal control a step further by providing the player with a switchable voicing feature to accommodate different ukulele body sizes and various performance situations.

There’s a lot packed into the Fishman Matrix Infinity system:

  • Undersaddle acoustic pickup
  • Active, endpin-mounted preamp
  • Soundhole-mounted rotary controls for Volume and Tone (unique Tone control cuts mids while boosting treble and bass)
  • Switchable voicing feature to accommodate all ukulele body sizes and performance situations
  • Integrated LED low battery indicator
  • Solderless connections

PRO-MAK-INF is designed to fit on ukuleles with a 3/32" (2.4 mm) saddle slot width. Pickup length is 2'' (50.8 mm). Fits most ukuleles with string spacing up to 1.85" (47 mm).

Fishman Matrix Infinity PRO-MAK-INF Installation

Both the manufacturer’s and our recommendation is to have a qualified stringed instrument tech or luthier perform pickup installations. Nonetheless, we know there are lots of players out there who work on their ukuleles and are capable of performing this installation. If you are adept with a hand drill, can follow instructions, and carefully consider the mechanical factors that can affect performance, there’s no reason why you can’t succesfully install this system on your ukulele.

No soldering is required for this installation. The main challenge is working inside such a small soundbox. Soundholes on ukuleles are quite small, making it impossible to reach inside with your hand to install the preamp and postion the cable harness clips. You need special tools which will enable you to reach deep inside the lower bout area before attmepting this install.

Please note that Fishman’s instructions, while clear and concise, are tailored for installations on steel string guitars. You will have to do a bit of mental transposing and apply the same principles outlined in their installation guide as they would pertain to your ukulele.

More Information
Model Matrix Infinity Ukulele PRO-MAK-INF
Pickup Type Undersaddle
Preamp Active, endpin-mounted
Power 9V battery (included by ASN)
Controls Tone, Voicing, Volume
Saddle Slot Width Narrow 3/32" (2.4 mm)
String Spacing Up to 1.85" (47 mm)
Length 2" (50.8 mm)
Installation Professional installation recommended by manufacturer, Professional installation available for instruments and pickups purchased from ASN
Pre-Order No
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