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Humidity 101 for Classical Guitar and Ukulele

Depending on where you live or travel, and what time of year it is, your guitar or ukulele is likely to be exposed to less than optimal humidity levels — either too low or too high. In extreme cases, those conditions may render your instrument unplayable. Whether it’s a $99 knock-around or a $10,000 collectible, we understand that your instrument is special to you! With that in mind, we want to make the balancing act of maintaining proper humidity in its environment easier for you.

New and Improved Is Here!

New All Strings Nylon logoDear All Strings Nylon Customer,

It seems like we just gave a facelift to the website — which we indeed did in January 2014. But we feel that you deserve even better, so for the last few months in 2014 we busily redesigned and improved again, to give you the best possible shopping experience. Now that The Big Launch actually took place just in time to greet 2015 with a bang, it’s time to let you know what’s in store…

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