"Are you ready for a genuine guitar-buying experience?"

We enjoy dealing with serious players, real people and authentic experiences. Our expertise begins by understanding who you are, what you’re looking for, your interests and concerns, and playing considerations; in short, we do this by listening to you!

The Guitar Mega-Store Experience

Many of you have had this subpar experience where the 20-something sales clerk is more interested in talking about electric guitars. Unfortunately, too many of these salespeople are not properly trained due to their focus on electric and even their steel-string acoustic counterparts come in a distant second. So, many of us nylon-string players walk away feeling disheartened.

The Online-Ordering Experience

  • The guitar arrives the next day.
  • You open the box with the excitement of a 10-year old on Christmas morning.
  • Only to discover that the guitar feels and sounds… Terrible!
  • You contact customer support and find them simply lacking in the expertise required to offer sound advice regarding nylon-string instruments.
  • You consider re-boxing it and returning it. Some of our customers have done this and others have sent us their instruments to “fix”. (A brand new instrument?!)

The All Strings Nylon Experience

This begins and ends with you, a serious guitarist and real person looking to make an investment!

“We are completely dedicated to the nylon-string player and guaranteeing the highest quality guitars with best possible playing experience right out of the case.”

—Chuck Marfione, Owner All Strings Nylon

How does this work?

All Strings Nylon’s owner, Chuck Marfione, talks to folks like you everyday:

  1. Contact Chuck, you’ll find him friendly and easy to talk to. He’ll freely share his knowledge and expertise for finding the right guitar for you.
  2. Discuss your interests, concerns, playing issues and instrument requirements (small hands, diminishing hand strength, crossing over from electric or steel-string guitars, etc.).
  3. Chuck offers his advice and suggestions… He knows the right questions to ask.
  4. And, if you choose an ASN instrument, he’ll optimize that guitar… For free!


“Only guitars with the potential to be great enter our shop.”

—Chuck Marfione, Owner All Strings Nylon

How do you optimize a guitar?

When a guitar enters the ASN workshop, owner Chuck Marfione personally vets each guitar prior to accepting it. Some guitars get chosen while others get rejected. All Chuck can tell you about his mysterious method is, “Only guitars with the potential to be great enter our shop.”

Next, begins the vigorous optimization process that All Strings Nylon is renown for and Marfione personally performs and oversees:

  • Adjusting the action to the ideal level at the saddle and the nut
  • Conditioning the fingerboard
  • Leveling and dressing the frets
  • Calibrating the right amount of neck relief
  • Measuring and correcting the intonation
  • And many other considerations too numerous to mention here

Any one of these elements is a small detail that will have a positive impact on the guitar but may or may not improve the overall playability and the performance of the instrument. However, all of these together, transform a good guitar to a great guitar and a great guitar to a masterpiece.

And, every instrument that enters the ASN workshop undergoes this process, from $99 ukuleles to the $9000 collectible classical guitars.

What’s next?

If you have any questions, or just want to talk, then contact Chuck for a free, no obligation consultation.

Purchasing a high-quality instrument deserves high-quality service and you deserve a superior, personalized experience… an All Strings Nylon Experience!