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Underneath every Knowledge Base article, you will find the Facebook commenting tool, similar to the one in the screenshots below (and identical to the one underneath this article!). If you don’t see the tool, you may have to temporarily enable third party cookies in your browser in order to comment. Facebook uses cookies to connect you with your Facebook account so you can comment on this website and, optionally, simultaneously post on your wall.

You can log into Facebook using one of your free email accounts (Yahoo, AOL, or Hotmail), but then that account will want to talk to Facebook, making you jump through hoops and accept all kinds of terms and conditions…I personally found this rather annoying. Since you’ll end up on Facebook anyway, why not go there directly? Then again, the nuisance only occurs the first time you connect, so if you prefer to log in with one of the other accounts, you have that option.

Comment, not logged in

Once you’ve established your connection successfully, the commenting tool will acquire a more personal look:

Comment, logged in

All you need to do now is type your comment, choose to post it on Facebook or not (we hope you do!), and click the “Comment” button. Voilà! You’ve contributed to the ASN Knowledge Base!