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All Strings Nylon Knowledge BaseOr should we say…welcome to its humble beginnings…

To make the ASN Knowledge Base a better place for everyone involved, we encourage you to take this opportunity to help us grow it into an impressive collection of articles on various topics related to nylon string instruments:


About Nylon Strings

Information related to nylon strings for nylon string instruments

  1. The Benefits of Carbon Strings

    Chuck confessionI have a confession to make…

  2. D String Buzz

    You reach for your guitar. Your fingers are itching to work on some passages for an upcoming recital. You re-tune the new set of strings you put on last night and start running through the piece, and…

    One of your strings is buzzing. Usually, finding the source for these buzzes is pretty straightforward, but today, you’re stumped.

  3. How to Install Aquila Red Series Ukulele Strings

    Players either love or hate Aquila Red Series ukulele strings. A short video by Aquila president, Mimmo Peruffo, shows how to install them for best performance.

  4. Choosing the Perfect Nylon Strings for Your Classical Guitar

    Juan Orozco, AranjuezJuan Orozco, founder of Aranjuez Strings, talks about selecting nylon strings based on various qualities of your classical guitar.