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All Strings Nylon Knowledge BaseOr should we say…welcome to its humble beginnings…

To make the ASN Knowledge Base a better place for everyone involved, we encourage you to take this opportunity to help us grow it into an impressive collection of articles on various topics related to nylon string instruments:


About Classical Guitars

Information related to classical guitars and classical guitarists

  1. The Magic of Nylon: Unleashing Versatility Through Nylon String Guitars

    When it comes to the enchanting world of guitars, nylon string guitars stand out as a timeless and soulful choice. These beautiful instruments produce a unique and captivating sound that has enthralled musicians and listeners since the development of nylon strings and their adoption by Andres Segovia in the late 40s. Prior to that, classical guitarists relied on a combination of gut and steel wound basses and twisted gut trebles. While gut strings produce a distinctive sound, they were no match for the more sonorous nylon strings, producing a warmer, more balanced sound and catching the Maestro Segovia's ear. The rest is history, and today nylon strings and their many composite derivatives dominate the market and can be found on almost all traditional classical guitars and their many variants. If you're a seasoned guitarist or someone eager to explore the realm of music, whether a traditional concert, classical, crossover, or something in between, nylon string guitars offer a delightful

  2. ASN’s Chuck Marfione Interviews Master Luthier Kenny Hill

    All String Nylon’s, Chuck Marfione, takes a trip to Kenny Hill’s workshop in Ben Lomond, California to talk to the master luthier. We get a look behind the scenes of the Hill Guitar Company and Kenny generously shares his thoughts and insights as well as some of his techniques that go into creating the characteristic “Kenny Hill sound”.

  3. Kenny Hill Shares His Thoughts Regarding His Torres-Curly Maple 640

    The Kenny Hill Torres-Curly Maple 640 was inspired by an original Torres guitar from 1856 that Kenny owns. The guitar was in his shop for a few years. The beauty of the guitar and Kenny’s love for the instrument influenced him on an emotional level to create his own Torres model.

  4. The World’s Largest Dealer of Cordoba Master Series Guitars

    Cordoba Master Series guitars at All Strings NylonIt’s official: All Strings Nylon stocks and sells more Cordoba Master Series classical and flamenco guitars than anyone else on the planet. Not only in terms of numbers, but variety as well.

  5. Avoid Receiving a Sub-Par Instrument by Asking Your Dealer these 9 Questions

    Buying an instrument online? You can avoid unpleasant surprises buy asking your dealer the right questions.

  6. Cordoba Master Series Q&A

    Cordoba Master Series classical guitarsWe have fielded a lot of questions since we took on the Cordoba Master Series, and will be updating this post as new questions come in.