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Aranjuez 300 Classic Silver, Trebles Only

Aranjuez 300 Classic Silver trebles only set, medium tension, calibrated nylon trebles
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Aranjuez 300 Classic Silver trebles
Aranjuez 300 Classic Silver trebles

The Aranjuez 300 Classic Silver is perfect for a variety of musical genres. These sensitive strings combine brilliance with clarity, while at the same time providing unexpected power and projection.

Aranjuez 300 Classic Silver Treble Gauges

  • 1st E - 0.029 in. / 0.74 mm
  • 2nd B - 0.033 in. / 0.84 mm
  • 3rd G - 0.041 in. / 1.04 mm

Calibrada Trebles: Minimal Gauge Variation and Reduced Stretch

Gauge (diameter) determines the pitch, sustain and sound quality of a string. The ideal string would have a uniform diameter throughout its length. Elongation (degree of stretch) of the nylon determines how long the string maintains its pitch, sustain and sound quality. The industry standards in nylon string manufacture allow a variation of 10% in terms of gauge and 33% in terms of stretch. In contrast, Aranjuez's "Calibrada" trebles are calibrated to reduce those variations to 1% or less for gauge, and less than 15% for stretch. The result is an accuracy, power and clarity of tone previously unknown.

More Information
Series Aranjuez Classic
Model A300, Classic Silver trebles
Set Guitar trebles only (3 strings)
Tuning EBG
Scale Length 640-650 mm (25.2-25.6")
Trebles Tension Medium/Normal
Trebles Material/Technology Calibrated nylon
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