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Aquila 10U New Nylgut Tenor Ukulele Strings, GCEA, High G


Tuned in the standard key of C, the Aquila 10U New Nylgut strings will give your tenor uke the authentic warm sound of natural gut strings. You’ll also enjoy stable intonation despite changes in humidity and temperature.

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Aquila 10U Nylgut Tenor Uke Strings
Aquila 10U Nylgut Tenor Uke Strings Aquila 10U Nylgut Tenor Uke Strings (color coding)

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Aquila 10U New Nylgut tenor ukulele strings offer a warm, authentic sound. Known as “the world’s first genuine synthetic gut string,” the Aquila New Nylgut strings’ precise gauge and low moisture absorption rate allow for intonations that are both stable and precise.

Like natural gut, New Nylgut strings risk being roughened by the sharp edges on your ukulele’s nut and bridge. This can be prevented by simply using grade 600 or finer sandpaper or grade 000 steel wool to soften any sharp edges. If you purchase your instrument from All Strings Nylon, all sharp edges will be polished for you during the free full setup we offer to our customers. Have questions about these tenor ukulele strings or how best to re-string your uke? We’re here to help.

Aquila 10U Color Coding, Gauges, and Tensions

String Color Code Gauge (mm) Tension (lbs)
1st A Aquila red marking for 1st uke string 0.65 14.77
2nd E Aquila blue marking for 2nd uke string 0.82 13.01
3rd C Aquila green marking for 3rd uke string 0.97 11.68
4th G Aquila white marking for 4th uke string 0.70 13.89
More Information
Series Aquila Nylgut
Model Aquila 10U
Set Full ukulele/cuatro set (4 strings)
Tuning GCEA (bass to treble) high G
Scale Length 430-435mm (16.93-17.13")
Trebles Material/Technology Proprietary synthetic gut
Basses Material/Technology Unwound
Pre-Order No
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