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Aquila 96C New Nylgut Guilele Strings


Tuned like a guitar except half a step higher, the Aquila 96C New Nylgut strings will give your guilele the authentic warm sound of natural gut strings. You’ll also enjoy stable intonation despite changes in humidity and temperature.

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Aquila 96C Nylgut Guilele Strings
Aquila 96C Nylgut Guilele Strings

Aquila New Nylgut logoDesigned for 6-string guitar/ukulele hybrids with a scale length of about 17 inches (432 mm), Aquila 96C New Nylgut guilele strings offer the authentic warm sound so characteristic of natural gut strings. Touted as “the world’s first genuine synthetic gut string,” the Aquila New Nylgut also boasts accurate and stable intonation thanks to the strings’ precise gauge and low moisture absorption rate (less than 0.1%, as opposed to regular nylon’s 2%). The 96C set consists of 3 unwound polished Nylgut trebles and 3 silverplated copper wound Nylgut basses.

Similarly to natural gut, New Nylgut strings may be easily abraded by the sharp edges of your guilele’s nut and bridge. To prevent this, polish any sharp edges before you string your guilele; you can use sandpaper (grade 600 or finer) or grade 000 steelwool. Please note that if you purchase your guilele from All Strings Nylon, all sharp edges will be polished for you during the free full setup we offer to our customers.

Guilele Tuning

You tune a guilele like a classical guitar capoed at the fifth fret. This results in ADGCEA tuning (bass to treble).

Aquila 96C Gauges

String Gauge (in. / mm)
1st A 0.028 / 0.71
2nd E 0.0335 / 0.85
3rd C 0.039 / 0.99
4th G 0.028 / 0.71
5th D 0.034 / 0.86
6th A 0.042 / 1.07
More Information
Series Aquila Nylgut
Model Aquila 96C
Set Full guilele set (6 strings)
Tuning ADGCEA (bass to treble)
Scale Length 430-435mm (16.93-17.13")
Trebles Material/Technology Proprietary synthetic gut
Basses Material/Technology Silverplated, Copper wound, Wound
Pre-Order No
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