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All Strings Nylon Testimonials

Purchase your next nylon string guitar in confidence at All Strings Nylon. We subject each of our instruments to multiple screenings to ensure that there are no defects. After our thorough screenings, we will professionally set up your guitar, ukulele, or other nylon string instrument to your specifications. When you buy a guitar or classical guitar supplies from us, you’ll also experience our exceptional customer service. Look at our satisfied customers’ unsolicited testimonials below and see for yourself why All Strings Nylon is the place to go for premium guitars and classical guitar supplies.

Hi Chuck & Team, 

I wanted to verify that I received the CE Custom last evening. Truly a life changing event for me! Please know that your dedication, care, and expertise with setting up my new “axe” is greatly appreciated! It can be heard, felt, and sensed throughout every nuanced timbre, that this “Art machine” and I will create together, evermore 

Sincerely...Thank you! 

James J.


My Cordoba Mini M arrived today, and I just wanted to tell you how ecstatic I am about it.  Chuck did a great job with the setup and I really appreciate the time that you all take to explain the setup details and even provide a photo of the process.  Excellent customer service and I'm already spreading the word on a couple of musician Facebook groups that I belong to.

You'll be happy to know that you stole this purchase away from Guitar Center - I stopped by there on my way home from work a few weeks ago and played a similar model, but then wanted to purchase through a retailer that I knew would get the setup right and you all had such great online reviews. No reason to shop for nylon instruments anywhere else.

Thanks again, 

Hello - I just wanted to update you on the guitar’s arrival. Thank you so much!

I received the guitar a few hours before my lesson. My teacher, Vadim Timinsky at the Coppell Conservatory, was very impressed. He said this is the third guitar he has seen from All Strings Nylon that was excellent. 

His standards are very high, so you are earning a great reputation around here! 

Thank you very much. 
Candace C.

Just wanted to thank you for the superb set up on my guitar, it was definitely worth waiting for! It plays wonderfully. You have any future business of mine. 

Justin M.

Good Morning All,

I was playing my 22T-CE last evening. As I gave it a few strums, I came to the realization that the playability of this particular instrument is so good and it feels so right in my hands that I can’t let it go. Chuck, you did such beautiful work, if feels like it was made for me!  I’ve already referred you to the folks in my Uke group who were very impressed with this instrument (action and intonation especially) and you have a customer for life in me.


Ron D.

Hello Chuck.

The 55FCE arrived tonight. I had my son come over and we opened it together at my place.  As soon as I looked at the instrument I told my son it looks like the frets have been dressed/polished. I was blown away by the setup. Perfect intonation, awesome playability, and the detailed setup letter you enclosed is incredible. The alternative bridge saddle is very thoughtful addition. Thank you so much for the phenomenal attention to detail. The instrument is flawless, as described in the letter.  

Looking forward to working with you on the Hauser next year. 


Thanks & regards, 
Bill R.

Hi Chuck,

First impression right out of the case...I just about cried. The pictures and description do not do it justice. What beauty, a dream come true.

Thank you so much. I really value your professional talent.

Have a very Happy Christmas,

Susan L.

My mini arrived yesterday and it is nothing short of amazing. Thank you so very much for all that you did to this amazing little guy. I am in awe and hope that one day I will be able to play it the way it deserves. Please tell Gary that it arrived in record speed and I am grateful. I was so excited that I sent out the following email to my musician friends and my family with a subject heading: "I am in Love... I am in Love!"

Seriously, this is the ULTIMATE GERIATRIC INSTRUMENT! The Cordoba Mini SM-CE is light, easy to take anywhere, can be acoustic or electric and is easy on the hands. It comes tuned up to A, which for me is a plus since I hear the higher registers better, but with a different set of strings can be tuned to E like a regular guitar. It is everything I ever hoped it would be. I got it from All Strings Nylon - Chuck Marfione, a professional luthier and very nice guy, who does a complete setup before it goes out the door, right down to filing the edges of the frets, polishing them, hydrating the fretboard, checking out the electronics, and even switched out the saddle to raise the action a bit. The guitar came complete with a report of what he did to this amazing little powerhouse. He took as much care with this $300 instrument as he does with their $3,000 instruments. Their customer service is amazing, and I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone interested in a nylon stringed instrument. I am so very grateful and feel blessed! Merry Christmas everyone!

Patti F.


So how does a small business compete with the bigger online musical instrument stores? The answer is exactly the way you're doing it - competitive prices and personalized service.


I don't remember how I found your website. Glad I did. Yes, there are many online stores that sell ukuleles, guitars, and other stringed instruments. It took me a while longer than I expected to get the uke. And, it was worth the wait for the set-up. The thank-you card, the personalized letter, including a photo of the Ukulele being set up, tips and instructions, plus the careful packaging for shipping are details that all stand out, giving you a competitive edge. I wish you much continued success and will certainly recommend you to others.

Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate this season,

Ron B.

P.S.  What's even more impressive is that you did this for a small $200 order!


What a great job you did on my sweet little guitar. It's a honey! I'm gonna have to get used to five-star service from now on, cause that's what I've got with you. So glad I found you! Tommy D.

We are thrilled with our new instrument- the care and detail of the prep was astonishing. Thank you for helping us bring music into our little girl's life.

Mills B.

Dear Chuck,

Thank you so much for this fabulous new guitar!  It's such a pleasure to hold and to play that it's a wonder I've done anything else since! As you said, the guitar has a wonderful voice that will only get richer and more beautiful over time. I couldn't be happier!

I really appreciate your letter describing your inspection and fine-tuning of the instrument. Everything was perfect right out of the box. Your friendly and knowledgeable advice over the phone and your detailed attention to the set-up represent a level of service that we just don't see often enough these days, and I'll happily recommend All Strings Nylon to anyone and everyone I can.

Many, many thanks and best wishes for your success and happiness,



Just wanted you to know, I received my Mini S/M today. Thank you for your excellent service.

Confession, this is not my first Cordoba Mini S/M. I bought one a few months back from one of your competitors and hated it! Played a few times but never really warmed up to it. It felt "rough" and hurt to play. I play a lot of ukulele and classical guitar and hoped for a travel instrument that would give me decent sound in a compact package. I was very disappointed.

I found your web store while searching for classical guitar accessories. Decided to give you a try. I am in awe. You have made a cheap mini guitar feel and sound good. The setup and attention to detail has made all the difference. 

Thank you for a job well done.

Gary F.

Syracuse, NY

Hi Chuck,

This guitar is incredible! I can't believe the tone. It is so clear and has so much character. It's exactly what I wanted. I believe it's lighter and has a smaller body than the Cordoba which is also a big plus. And the playability - wow. It's something I will look forward to playing. I just can't say enough about it. Thanks so much for working with me on getting just the right one. I can't believe I got so much guitar for the money.  Fantastic is all I can say. Thanks again. 



Just wanted to let you know that I'm thrilled with my new Cordoba guitar.  The Barbera saddle transducer upgrade sounds awesome.  Your professional setup and helpful communication really sets you apart from others. Thank you so much!



Hi Chuck,

I picked up the guitar on Saturday and have been playing it whenever I have time since. It is beautiful in every way and the set-up and detailed breakdown that you wrote up are over the top. I am really glad that I got the pick-up that you recommended, having the mic and saddle pick-up together is a joy to experiment with trying out different amps. In the future I will still want to get a full classical, something about the larger body and slightly wider neck, but for now I am very happy with this guitar. Thanks for the great service and extra time spent just talking about guitars;-).